FA Medical Society Reflection- Load Management

Having this evening been to the latest FA Medical Society meeting I have written down a few of my thoughts and reflections on what was said by all of the different speakers. Dr Bryan English- Critical Reflections on Load Management Through Specific Case Discussions The first talk from Dr English revolved around his experiences over... Continue Reading →

FA Medical Society Meeting- Adductor Avulsion Injuries in Football

First FA Medical Society meeting of the season, and a really good start! This evening’s lecture looked at various aspects of Adductor Avulsion injuries, ranging from surgical management to a Physiotherapy case study. Roald Otten (@roaldotten) began the evening off with a look at the literature surrounding the conservative management of the condition. The focus... Continue Reading →

Infographic & Discussion- van Dyk et al. (2018)- Interseason variability in isokinetic strength

Aims- 1) Describe season-to-season variability of isokinetic strength testing. 2) Investigate the relationship between isokinetic muscle strength testing and eccentric strength testing Methods- Data prospectively collected from 288 players in the Qatar Super League. Players underwent full pre-season testing involving isokinetic and NHE strength testing. Results- 1) Poor correlation between isokinetic eccentric torque and NHE peak force. 2)... Continue Reading →

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