FA Medical Society Meeting- Adductor Avulsion Injuries in Football

First FA Medical Society meeting of the season, and a really good start! This evening’s lecture looked at various aspects of Adductor Avulsion injuries, ranging from surgical management to a Physiotherapy case study. Roald Otten (@roaldotten) began the evening off with a look at the literature surrounding the conservative management of the condition. The focus... Continue Reading →


Soleus Injury- FA Medical Society Reflections

So it has been a long time since I last wrote a blog on here, partly due to the busy Christmas and New Year period. Tonight was the third of this seasons FA Medical Society meetings, and it was on the topic of the Soleus muscle. I have to say that it was an excellent... Continue Reading →

Infographic & Discussion- van Dyk et al. (2018)- Interseason variability in isokinetic strength

Aims- 1) Describe season-to-season variability of isokinetic strength testing. 2) Investigate the relationship between isokinetic muscle strength testing and eccentric strength testing Methods- Data prospectively collected from 288 players in the Qatar Super League. Players underwent full pre-season testing involving isokinetic and NHE strength testing. Results- 1) Poor correlation between isokinetic eccentric torque and NHE peak force. 2)... Continue Reading →

External Contributions

Below is a list of contributions that I have made to external websites and podcasts; Vald Performance- Guest Research Summary- Presland et al. (2017) article discussion- https://www.valdperformance.com/guest-research-summary-adam-johnson-1/ Pacey Performance Podcast #187- https://www.strengthofscience.com/pacey-performance-podcast/pacey-performance-podcast-187-adam-johnson-josh-hook/ British Journal of Sports Medicine Guest Blog- Football focus series: Why the risky business of hamstring injuries makes eccentrics essential for injury prevention- https://blogs.bmj.com/bjsm/2018/07/06/football-focus-series-why-the-risky-business-of-hamstring-injuries-makes-eccentrics-essential-for-injury-prevention/ Guest Reviewer for... Continue Reading →

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