Book Review- The Secret Footballer: What the Physio Saw

A little break from the normal content here as I have recently read “The Secret Footballer: What The Physio Saw” which is the latest book in The Secret Footballer series.

The idea of the book is to follow a Premier League Physiotherapist through the course of an entire season where they comment on issues that are happening at their club during each month. There is also some points where the physio will then relate back to previous seasons and incidents that link to these issues that are occurring at that specific time. Then at the end of each chapter The Secret Footballer writes a few pages which are stories of their own experiences in rehabilitation, or just funny stories that have happened within the treatment room throughout their career.

Care more about physio than the sport

I really enjoyed the book as it was obvious that the Physiotherapist writing the book (whoever that may be!!) was very experienced in football, and so had some really valuable comments and thoughts that had been formed over the course of their career. These weren’t just clinical thoughts though which is one of the reasons that I enjoyed it so much. There was a lot of mentions around topics such as how we could develop ourselves as clinicians through providing mentorships with local lower league clubs, how to handle difficult players and also why is it that we all stick with football despite the last minute changes to schedules and time away from home over the festive period. I have included some of my favourite quotes in this review and also in the original tweet.

They look down on individuals, not just in the medical room, but even in the dressing room. Good luck to them. What they miss out on is punishment in itself.

Overall I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it to both professionals working in the game, or people who just want an insight into what it is like to work as a Physiotherapist in professional football. A link to the book is below if you are interested. For £4.99 on kindle I think that its definitely worth a read if you have any long travel planned during the upcoming pre-season period. It made me realise that some of the problems that we face as clinicians are the same as elsewhere, and maybe if we talked and shared information with each other more then we would feel less isolated in tackling these problems.

Link to the book-


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